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In-Home Services

At the Behavioral Pediatric Institute of Alabama, we offer in-home services to help address concerns that impact you and your child in the home setting. Whether you hope to increase your child’s compliance with following directions, improve your child’s independence with daily living skills, increase functional communication, ease mealtimes or morning routines, or reduce more significant challenging behavior, we are here to provide evidence-based services to meet your family’s needs in the convenience of your home.

Home-based services begin with an initial assessment by a clinical psychologist or Board Certified Behavior Analyst to identify your concerns as well as your child’s strengths and needs. We will also complete rating scales and direct observations to assist in developing specific recommendations that are individualized for your child. Once a plan has been developed, the consultant may model the recommended intervention(s) while you observe or support you as you immediately begin the intervention process. Our priority is to help you become comfortable and confident in using the recommended strategies so that you are equipped to help your child succeed and empowered to meet your family’s goals.

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